Closing Process

Closing is the final step in executing the home buying transaction. Our closing agents gather all the legal documents, close the loan and handle the funds involved in the purchase. This process allows the transfer of ownership to occur. Once the closing process is complete, the buyer gets the keys to their home!

Our typical escrow closing process flows as follows:

  1. Open the order for title insurance.
  2. Obtain approvals from buyer on pest and other inspections.
  3. Review the title search and address any title problems.
  4. Distribute title report to buyer and lender for approval.
  5. Gather information and documention needed for closing.
  6. Prepare closing statements for each party indicating amounts to be disbursed for services and any further amounts necessary to close escrow.
  7. Receive funds from the buyer and/or any lender.
  8. Document signing.
  9. Distribute funds and loan documents to the lender and record documents.
  10. Issue final title policy to buyer and/or any lender.

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